Panoramas in Joomla

How to insert a 360 degree panorama in your Joomla website? Below is an example of a panorama.

Step 1: Download the latest PTviewer Javascript. It is available here: and save the PTviewer document to a folder on the server. This can be a new folder in the root directory or any existing folder such as the standard images/stories folder.

Step 2: Make sure you disable the editor in Joomla in user settings and/or global settings of Joomla (in the Cpanel), otherwise the editor will automatically delete the script when you save the article. Alternatively, use the sourcerer plug-in to insert script in Joomla articles (recommended)

Step 3: Insert the following html code in your article (this is a picture) and replace the path with the one for your own site. Please also keep in mind that you do not include the public_html folder in the path. In addition, our example does not use many of the parameters you can use with PTViewer and we do use the sourcerer plug-in to insert script in Joomla articles (the code is between the source plug-in tages).


Step 4: Upload the JPEG (in this case Pano1.jpg) to the folder on the server and upload the PTviewer script (ptviewer.jar) to the same directory on the server.

No additional modules or plug ins are needed to complete the task.

The script is case sensitive. Make sure you spell the name of the JPEG correctly. In our example, Pano1.jpg is the name of the image. PAno1.jpg or pano1.jpg will not work (you will see a red square if the script cannot locate the image or a java error if the PTviewer cannot be found).

Panorama_folder is the directory in which the image is located in our example. It is placed in the root Joomla directory.

The image we are using for this example was created with Panorama Maker Pro:

The example below of a 360 degree panorama of Kabul from our personal collection. This 360o view of Kabul in the panorama above is taken at Nawabadi Gurzargan in district 7. This panorama shows the ATN hillside, the ancient city wall and a view of the districts where USAID/LTERA's tenure formalization programs are being implemented (districts 3, 5, 6, 7 and 13). The famous Barbur Gardens (Baghi Barbar) are located to the left of the plateau (not visible). A child is standing in a fence made of artillery shells used by her family to mark the area they have occupied (you need to zoom in to see her).

Click once on the picture, hold left mouse key and scroll left, right, up and down with arrow keys or mouse. Zoom in/out with + and - keys. Once you zoom in, you can also scroll up and down. Press F11 to change your browser into full screen.

Life is harsh on the hillsides. Although some areas have city power, many don't and those who can afford it use small generators. Some families have septic tanks. In some areas, access roads in the hillsides are wide enough to allow small trucks to deliver water to informal settlers who can afford a water tank and the costs of transportation. For many others, this is not an option and water needs to be brought to the house in Jerrycans by family members from collection points hundreds of meters below their settlements. Especially in the winter, life is difficult on Kabul's hillsides.


Producing Panoramas with Panoramamaker Pro

PanoramaMaker by ArcSoft is a great software package to produce panoramas of all sizes and degrees. We particularly like the program because it is:

  • Very user friendly compared to many opensource programs that are available;
  • Inexpensive;
  • Robust and produces high end photos and panoramas;
  • Able of processing RAW formats.

We shoot all our pictures in Nikon Raw format (NEF). Pictures in this format contain much more information than JPGs and Panoramamaker seems to make use of the extra information. Below are screenshots of the program.





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